Film Major offers MFA program, Major's course and Doctor's course. MFA program offers 6 options such as scenario, directing, cinematograph, editing, sound, and producing. Master's course and Doctor's scourse offer further studies on film theory.


Digital/Scientific Photography
Digial/Scinetific Photography Major challenges the infinite possibilities of the practical application of the still image, which will be lead to extend the field of photograph.


Visual Special Effects
Visual Special Effects designate the technology and operation for an effect used to produce scenes that cannot be achieved by normal techniques. It can be used for many purposes such as film animation, TV, visual media art, installation and etc. Our goal is acquiring the advanced knowledge and enhancing practical ideas through study of the visual special effects for various image contents.


Animation Major offers MFA program, Master's course and Doctor's course. The purpose of MFA programs is to offer various courses on 2D/3D animation such as directing and producing. And also it explores how to produce a creative work through the combination of art and technology. The purpose of Master's course and Doctor's course is the further study of various aspects of animation as media to make the theoretical basis for the future of animation.


Image Information and Augmented Reality
Seeing is believing! The digital image information technique of 21C transcending the time and space is the core of producing the digital image contents by virtue of the growth of the information communication. AR(augmented reality) which synthesize the real image captured by the digital camera with the computer generated 3D model, based on the advanced digital image information techniques such as image processing, computer graphics, can make augmented and expanded reality that is beyond our feeling in real world. Using these advanced digital image information techniques, we study the applications of the entertainment, for example, synthesis of the real and virtual worlds, game, animation, and digital image editor.


Image processing and Intelligent Systems
Digital image/video processing, intelligent vision system and multimedia application systems technologies are researched and developed in this major. Image/video processing technology includes: image/video enhancement, high-resolution image restoration, and analysis/recognition/representation. Intelligent vision system technology includes: 3D robot vision systems, 3D image acquisition, image modeling, and interactive digital contents for 3D virtual environment. Multimedia application technology includes: video conference/video phone, intelligent image communication for ubiquitous computing, and intelligent, user-friendly application areas.


Game TeOchnology and Application
The goal of the "Game Technology and Application" is to study the development and the usage of the intelligent and efficient game contents through enhanced interaction technology. By developing new interfaces, smart A.I. algorithms and efficient networking methods, the products of multimedia or game become more creative and interactive. Using the novel real-time technologies we want to deliver the information, entertainment, and art factors of contents to the audience actively and efficiently.


Digital Contents Protection and Computer Game Technology
The Digital contents are the most important assets in knowledge-based society of 21th century. For the protection of digital contents on the wired and wireless internet, our team has been researching the digital watermarking technology robust to any signal processing attacks and the computer game technology which is a delicious fruit of digital contents industry. Further more, we developed the watermarking inserting, extracting and at first tracing algorithm on the internet in Korea.


Virtual Environment and Simulations
VR(Virtual Reality) systems create a 'cyberspace' where it is possible to interact with anything and anyone on a virtual level, so long as it can be programmed. VE(Virtual Environments) major deal with all aspects of VR technologies to solve the highly sophisticated engineering/culture/military/education/medical/entertainment technical problems. Especially, the VE team concentrates on the dynamically simulated image rider with motion platform and a new paradigm of the digital information design using the projection-based immersive, interactive and haptical Virtual Environments.


Computer Graphics and Media
Computer graphics and media field aims to find scientific approaches about new method of expression and practical ues of "digital image" through various core technologies for digital animations and games. The fields of study in the process are image-based graphics, non-photo-realistic rendering, animation, procedural texturing, and image composition.


Multimedia Art & Technology
The use of multimedia is growing day by day. The digital technology is impacting not only the domain of art but also our everyday life and we are seeing reconstruction of the social paradigms through new developments in all fields. This class will try to focus on the positive effects that can be got from new technologies in the field of multimedia. To this effects the course will try to bring together the new technology and the positive effects of multimedia to establish new types of art that could not have been studied in the past. The course will take into account the multimedia technology that we see everyday to future designing, games and robotics research in art. The course will also study the home network and HCI technology, and 3 dimensional graphic reproduction systems. The goal of the course will be to propose new type of answers in values in the development of today's multimedia technology by basing the research on philosophy and humanism. Finally, the course goal will be to develop new concepts to suit the new technology of today and the future.


Future Media Art
Future Media Art has a goal to expand the expression limit of artists with scientific thought. Students will study to produce narrative or experimental digital animation and digital art including interactive media products. We try to find the common interest between engineering and art; also, we aim to prove it with practical projects.